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1 Phone, 1 Pbx, 1 Domain, 2 Extensions


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we need this to work ASAP, is it possible in any way please to provision via HTTP PnP that i should be able tp provision 3 extensions onto a phone? the server is hosted


Since it is possible locally over http, you should try it over the internet. All you have to do is put the MAC address of the phone in all three extensions.

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is this for my situation? ""Loop-Start" indicates the beginning of the list of extensions per device. You may provide two optional parameters for this tag. The first parameter indicates the number for the first entry (typically, "0" or "1"). The second parameter indicates the maximum number for the loop. This way, you can avoid providing too many extensions for the phone. For example, if you want to have only two extensions with the index 1 and 2, you would use the tag "{Loop-Start 1 3}". "

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unless maybe there is a way that i dont put in the "extension@domain" in the user name field on the phone?

i tried using "ADMIN@DOMAIN" for the user name and that didnt work, it didnt provision the phone to any extension


Do you have the log from the PBX?

We have added more logging for provisioning process. If you have a test system where you can load the 4.0 Beta, we can try this and see what is happening.

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