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Group extension is always fast busy

Mike Wayne

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I've created a fairly simple setup and it's almost working correctly but I'm having one problem that I can't seem to get around. I've got a couple of extensions that function as group mailboxes, not attached to any devices. They both work fine when transversing the call tree and I can log into both of them when calling in from an outside line but one of them always gives a busy signal immediately when called from a phone that is inside the PBX. I've tried to delete and recreate it as well as giving it a new extension number with no success. Both extensions have (different) passwords and PINs and seem to be configured the same but the one continues to never work.


What am I missing?

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More info.

5522 works fine with "Allow Access for Extensions" blank.

5511 always fails with a busy signal. Placing extensions in "Allow Access for Extensions" makes no difference.

There are no extensions that begin with 8 and 8 is the "Mailbox Direct Dial Prefix".

8551 gives a fast busy, never permitting me to even enter the fourth digit of the extension number.

To reiterate, both work fine when calling from outside.

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