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Alex Kasperavicius

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Hi All -


The snom phones have an annoying feature that plays dial tone when you put a call on hold, this can be turned off manually in the phone's web interface, but we forget to do it if a phone gets added later and is a waste of time if I have 10 phones that all need to be adjusted. There are other little phone behaviors I want to adjust as well having to do with transfer, backlight, etc. you name it.


Unfortunately, it seems like various bits of the phone's configuration are sprinkled all over and it's a guessing game to see what I can and cannot control though the pbxnsip interface so I decided to look into this mysterious pnp.xml file that one can upload.


It seems like one can configure a phone using tftp, pnp, and manually. However, I have noticed that if I put anything in the tftp folder, pnp just stops working forever and the server must be wiped and re-installed for it to start up again.


Please, what is the BEST way to configure snom phones? I can set up a snom phone exactly the way I want it and save the settings as an xml file - but what do I do with it? The file contains phone specific information (like extension names and account passwords) that do not belong in a general configuration file.


Do I just delete this and keep the bits that I need? If so, what do I do with it then?


The only reference I can find on this is here and it is delightfully non specific and unclear saying only:

"The configuration files can be dynamically changed. Those files must be placed in the html directory of the working directory of the PBX (if the directory does not exist, just create it). "


Really? What's the "working" directory of the pbx (the path perhaps)? If I have to create an html directory, where do I get the default files to modify? What do I call these files? How does this work exactly?


I am hesitant to try much, because pbxnsip has a nasty habit of turning the pnp feature off whenever it assumes manual files will be used and there is no way to turn it back on. Ever. You must re-install the pbx from scratch - which is time consuming and frustrating.




If someone would be kind enough to step me through this: I want all snom phones to NOT play a dial tone when a call is placed on hold. How would I do this using plug n play so I don't have to log into each phone and turn this "feature" off.


In an ideal world one would merely enter the the mac addresses of snom phones off the box into the account fileds on pbxnsip and the plug in the phones - and all would be configured properly. This is what I am shooting for, but I am at a loss.


Any comments would be most appreciated.





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There is a custom file that you can load after all other config files have been loaded. Check the generated/xxx/snom_xxx.xml file for the exact name (should be something like snom_320_custom.xml). Make sure that file exists and is in the html directory (relative to the working directory of the PBX). In this file you can put whatexer content you like.

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