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SSL Cert Issue for 2.1.0


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I am using pbxnsip ver. 2.1.0 which has been working great until I tried to use SSL to acces the web admin. The site generated SSL certificate is for localhost and is expired so it triggers errors with IE7 (on WIndows Server 2003 R2 or WIndows XP Pro). When I load a valid (base64 non-password protected) cert and key in the admin settings certificate page, IE7 cannot load the SSL site at all and does not give any indication why. I am assuming the cert is not being presented properly or SSL is breaking. Is there either a fix to the default SSL cert or any other suggestion so I can get SSL working properly. (FYI: other SSL sites work properly both intranet and Internet wise, so I do not believe I have an IE issue.) All appropriate ports are open on the local fireall. Any ideas?

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Well, a certificate for "localhost" does not make much sense. localhost usually resolves to the same computer. You need to get a certificate for something that is resolvable through DNS (e.g. host.bigcorp.com) and then you can issue a certificate for that host.


I used the root certificate service from cacerts.org and that was finally working okay (after playing for several hours with this kind of stuff...). Probably it easier to set up your own root authority and then issues keys from there and ask people that want to use the key to load the root certificate into their Internet Explorers.

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