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CS-410 No Disconnect on Internal Stations

Bill H

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We installed a CS-410 for a new customerand we have been having some troubles that we have seen before.


The basic trouble at this point is no disconnection of internal calls. (maybe outside too / both PSTN and SIP Trunk)


If a call is made from one phone to a mailbox, on the system, it connects OK but when the caller hangs up the call does not release.


This was verified by looking at the "Calls" page of the PBXNSIP Admin GUI while the LED on the phone stays on.


I traced it to a missing BYE Message last week so I updated the firmware in all the Aastra phones.


That seemed to clear it up.


But then this week it returns so I updated the firmware in the CS-410 to the most recent from PBXNSIP website.


Still no disconnect.


The odd thing is that I have a remote extension off of his system and it works OK 100% of the time.


We are running everything through one port on the CS-410 (Wan with SIP Replacement) and I am wondering if this may be linked to the trouble.


What are your thoughts??

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