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SMTP error 502


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I am having a hard time getting the SMTP delivery to work. I get the following error in the logs.


SMTP server returned 502, the mail is not delivered.


Here is the setting for the domain.

Email Settings:

From (e.g. Joe Average <ja@domain.com>): / " name="email_from" class=inputbig>

Account (e.g. user1): dallred@vensureinc.com

Password (e.g. secret): ***********

SMTP Server (e.g. smtp.domain.com): vitxdc1.ion-internal.com


The server is waiting, I can telnet to the server from the box on port 25. Another item on this problem is that when I look at teh config file for the domain, it contains the following, but I only see a / when accessed from the web as above.


<email_from>"Phone System"<dallred@vensureinc.com></email_from>





any help would be helpfull.




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<email_from>"Phone System"<dallred@vensureinc.com></email_from>


If you are using, better use a from header in the form dallred@vensureinc.com. There was some trouble with the parsing...


If you telnet to that server on port 25, you should see a welcome message coming. If that is not the case there is a problem with the SMTP server.

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