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Original CallerID not coming through once a call is transferred


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What type of phone is this happening with?

we use Blind Transfer with Linksys, Cisco, Polycom's and they all work well



Thanks for the reply. I am using Cisco 7960s. I do have other issues with the phones as well. If you have expertize with these...help would be appreciated. I am able to download ring tones and can even play and choose them on the phone screen, but when I call the extension, I get the default ring... I would love to have a quick chat if you are willing to call me at your convenience. I have a day at the site tomorrow and I must take care of all the loose ends...thanks



(949) 813-2122

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I figured out that if they use the native soft key on the phone screen, the caller id is not passed. If I press HOLD and then *77 etc...that does work successfully. The client is going to shoot me if that is what they have to do. It would be less painful if they could do a supervised transfer but the call is sent right away, so no chance of consultation with the target extension.....any ideas?

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I agree, blind transfer is not always acceptable, and an attended transfer does not update caller ID. What happens if the PBX were to send a re-invite to the phone after an attended transfer was completed? Would the caller ID update? Would it be a compatibility issue for some phones?

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