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trunk setup on quadro FXO


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trying to configure the trunk on pbxnsip Version: (Win32) with a Quadro FXO gateway.


I can make outbound calls without a problem but when I try to call the line I have setup on the quadro I get this response "incompatible media ip paramters or not enough resources"


I have the pbxnsip setup as follows:

type: SIP Gateway

Direction: Inbound & outbound

Account: pbxnsip


Username: pbxnsip

Password: ********

Password (repeat): ********

Outbound Proxy:

CO Lines:


The quadro sip settings for the pstn line as follows:

Username: pbxnsip

password: ********

confirm password: ********

SIP Server:

SIP Port: 5060

registration on SIP server is ticked.


the firewall is disabled on the xp machine running pbxnsip

I have changed passwords & user names to ensure it wasn't authentication issues.

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