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A gateway should obtain a function to finish an existing call.

Is it possible if INVITE contained Authorization?

Is there some way to config BYE Authorization?


The situation is that pbx should answer 401 or 407 for INVITE,

but I need some setings to know for sure that pbx

will accept BYE without AUTH and it wont send 401 or 407 for my BYE.

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Trunks can answer challenges, also for BYE request. You need to set up the username and password in the trunk for that.


However, challenging BYE has the big problem that is might not be possible to hang up a call. That is very dangerous.


The PBX does not challenge BYE. The Call-ID is the "token" for the call. If you want to protect others to send a BYE (DoS), use TLS transport layer.

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The problem is that pbx can answer "Unauthorized" for BYE from Gateway(and I know that some pbx do so) and gatway knows nothing about password.

It is rather expectable becouse it answers "Unauthorized" for INVITE.


Well you have told me that "The PBX does not challenge BYE".


Actually I just need some official confirmation that it is so. (or config settings) for latest January pbx version.


We are to install pbxnsip but don`t know for shure that it will work correctly in our network just becouse of this "small point".

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