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Callcentric is dropping calls when muted

Tom Waterman

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Everyone, we use a lot of conference calling here and we just switched over to Callcentric yesterday. While on a conference call today I musted my snom 320 by pressing the mute button on the phone. A shortime later 30-45 seconds I was dropped from the call. Silence surpression in NOT enabled on my phone and call Centric said they will drop the call and that I should try to mute it by using a star code? Has anyone run into this before?



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I have to defend callcentric here... How can they tell if it is one-way audio or a conference call with a caller muted? You might want to check if a software upgrade of the phone fixes that problem. It is the job of the phone to send SID packets when on mute. Or there might be an option that does send silent packets with the selected codec, kind of waste of bandwidth but a solution.

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