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Long Distance Codes


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Right now you have to do it this way.


Each account can have one dial plan. For those accounts that would require PIN authorization, you would choose a dial plan that does not allow it. When users want to place a LD call, they need to have a second account that has a different dial plan which allows this. Then those users can call *91 or use a calling card account to place outbound calls. If you choose a very secret password for the second account, then you can make sure that nobody registers a SIP phone there and that those extensions are only used for LD calls. The CDR will show the second extension in the CDR record, so that billing will be easy.


We'll see if we can make this easier, e.g. add a field to the dial plan for those entries that require a PIN code. In certian countries, that is a standard PBX feature and we don't want to miss it!

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