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Business Unit Dial Plans


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We have a client that has the following requirement.

We have a SIP trunk with different inbound exchanges and numbers and are aliaed to different AA's.

The AA's are scripted welcome to company A, B and so forth.


To make an outbound call we would plan to place the ANI of each lead number that the sip provider will provide a ENUM to company A,B and C.


We can easily add an ANI to the extensions, but the folks do a lot of cross work. So rather we think a dial plan and assigning the EXT to default dialplans would be better, and creating a STAR code to switch dial plans...


Could you provide an example REGEX string that can place a call using a replacement for the ANI field?

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We have used this in the past to send star coded to analog lines in a CS410



THE SEARCH string is 1167\*([0-9]*)@.*

The REPLACEMENT String is sip:\*\1@\r;user=phone


could a similar command 1167, 2268, 1169 be crafted that would send the call with an ANI that would override the EXTENSION, DOMAIN or TRUNK settings?


whereas as;

1167 might force 2155551234 as the ANI and

1168 might force 2155554567

1169 might force 2155554444

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In the ANI field, you can actually specify a list of ANI, seperated by space. If you put the trunk name in front of it (followed by a colon), then the ANI sticks to that trunk. Would that help? E.g. "9787462777 Trunk1:21212345". This implies that trunk names must not use space characters if you want this to work.

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