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Active Call list

Chris Lane

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I am not sure where this post should go, so i am dumping it here, it might have more to do with CDR and SOAP than anything.


I want to be able to post the active call list to a community site here in our business, we have a application that we use constantly through the day, and i want to populate a panel in it with the call data i.e. Calls on hold, active calls, calls that are parked, and the CID from the calls that are ongoing, This will help us with many things, mostly with the lack of a proper sla/sca/blf functionality. We poked around the SOAP stuff, but were unable to find any realtime call info, I know the internal site has a realtime call log.



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Well, so far the answer is dialog state. There are a couple of phones that support this standard and that kind of works, for example subscribing to the dialog state of CO-lines.


But it is not such a good answer if you want to have something on your PC. We are thinking about AJAX, or maybe Flash or just running a native Windows application.

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