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No trunks showing up in call status Ver 4

Tom Waterman

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Hello all, I just upgraded to version 4 and I love the look of it. I am doing some troubleshooting concering our dial plan. When someone dials a spewcific number I want it to go out the POTS lines we still have. Other I want to co out our Callcentric lines. In the old version 3 under the current calls window I could see the connected call and the trunk it was going out. In this version the trunk is not there in the active calls window. Any way to bring that back so I know my dial plan is wqorking correctly?


Thank you!

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You will definitevely see it in the CDR which are sent out by the PBX. The simple reason why we don't show it is because we usually got a line break in the list of the calls, which make it hard to read.

I just had the pbx send me a cdr and I only have the follow items


Time Dir From To Remote Local


There is nothing about the trunk it used. I am trying to make sure that certain calls go out the Audiocodes gateway and the rest go to call centric. Thank you so much for the help.



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How did it send the CDR? By email? or SOAP?


It sends it out via email. I do not know how to use SOAP(other than to wash with). :D

I actually went to see if I could set up SOAP real quick and I do not have any access to those settings they don't even show up in the PBX Web GUI. Am I missing something?

I greatly appreciate the help.

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