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911 Ideas

Bill H

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We may have up to 20 remote workers from the office.


They all connect to the same PBXnSIP server at Headquarters.


Can anyone share an idea as to how we can route 911 calls from the remote workers to the correct 911 location near them.


We don't want emergency workers reporting to our location when the need is somewhere else in the USA.




Bill H

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Well, I can think about the following solutions:


1. Make a dial plan for each extension that routes the call to the remote emergency office (simple, but might be a lot of work to set up)


2. Use a user parameter that contains the emergency number. You can reference them with \x, \y and \z for the parameter 1, 2 and 3 in the replacement pattern in the dial plan (e.g. sip:\x@\r;user=phone). The pattern would be a simple "911".


I think 2 would be the most pragmatic solution here, but you must make sure that all users have the parameter 1, 2 or 3 set.

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I looked at the Dial Plan Method and it looks good and would work well except that

employees have the same extension number at the office as well as their home.




Is there a method to seperate the calls originating from the remote location from those that are in the office?

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The best way to deal with home users is IMHO hot desking (http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Hot_Desking).


This has the advantage that you are available under one number (also as agent or in a hunt group), but only the phone at home or in hte office rings. Especially for the home phone this is a feature - give your family a break!

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