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Snom 870 can't see address book pbx


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Hi all,


I'm running a pbxnsip (, Darwin) on a mac mini duocore 10.6.x. The mac mini is dedicated to the pbxnsip and connected over ethernet to the network. I'm using a Snom 870, firmware 8.4.2 Beta and sofar no glitches or restarts etc.What I'm trying to find out is how to use the address book inside the pbx. I imported a csv-file into the pbx and I can actually see all the names I've imported but they don't show up in the Snom.

I've searched the knowlegdebase and forum of Snom and also of pbxnsip but can't seem to find the right answer. Some say, you have to provision the Snom. Others say, when you touch the address book icon, all the names show up. In both cases they don't with my Snom 870.

Does anyone know which wettings I have to use to discover the address book in the pbx? Thanks in advance.





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