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PAC suggestions


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The PAC has potential. I was looking closely at Flexor CTI app for snom phones and it got me looking at PAC again.


couple issues i noticed: (pac v3, pbxnsip v4.latest)


-it hangs/gets stuck sometimes.

-does the PAC IM work for anyone else?

-some places there are vertical AND horizontal scroll bars--guys, this is just too much scrollin'! ;-)


some humble suggestions:

-should the PAC and WAC look like they belong in the same family?

-i've never seen a pc client that the main screen is settings. (think : office communicator, Flexor tool, sip communicator, skype, 3cx assistant, www.icanblink.com, etc. etc) . (PAC extension screen looks like visicalc version 1.0 text-based. ;-)


-the pac needs to be highly useable: ways to go there

-hire a new graphic artist. ;-)


pbxnsip is great. we have great experience with the clients we currently support. We look forward to uping our marketing efforts.



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i've never seen a pc client that the main screen is settings.


What exactly did you mean by this? A screen shot would be very helpful.


If you're talking about the login credentials when the PAC first opens, that can be circumvented by enabling the "Sign in automatically" feature on the same screen.

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