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Address Book

Bill H

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I created a CSV File and have successfully added names, numbers and speed dial locations to

the Domain Address Book. (Domain name is localhost)




The WIKI states that:

The domain address book entries are visible to all members of the domain.

*** That means they can search the domain address book and calls coming to that domain will automatically see the name of the calling party.

All names in a domain are automatically included in names searches in the domain.

You can also use the address book to indicate which DID number has been dialed.

***If you add an address book entry that matches the specific DID, the PBX will add the display name to the caller-ID, and the phone then can display the text associated with the caller-ID.


The 2 *** statements I have marked don't seem to work as far as getting the Name in the Caller ID of the phone.

I have added my cell phone number to the Domain Address Book with and without a leading digit (1).

I have added a specific DID Number to the Domain Address Book and the Name does not appear either.


I did look at the Sip Trace in a Snom phone and I did not see the Name anywhere.

This leads me to believe that it is not being sent to the phone.


Am I missing a step here?


Bill H

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