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What might we be doing wrong preventing us from upgrading the MSP and FIRMWARE on several CS410's?


Can you manually copy the firmware into a folder?


previously mentioned in http://forum.pbxnsip.com/index.php?showtopic=3664




When I usually upgrade to the latest I 1st start by upgrading gradually from version to version.

try this chain of upgrades.




Not sure what version your running?

Then try




To check the msp upgrade log into the ssh and try command

cat/ etc/sipfxo-release


This cmd should show you the the msp version.

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Sorry for the time, the original problem appears to have been a combination or associated with one of two devices used on the test bench. A older 12 port CISCO HUB, and/or an off the shelf router for DHCP. Eliminated these and the process worked fine. The units we were upgraded from 2.1.13 to Based on some unscientific evidence, we upgrade the PBX first, then then MSP file..

It also appears as if the WEB interface simply copies the file as-is into the /pbx folder and the restart installs it...

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