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Polycom 501 outsine of main office keeps reseting volume


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I just have a quick question ... not sure if anyone can help.


I had a polycom 501 and had modified the Sip.cfg file so that I would not have to fiddle with adjusting the volume back to a comfortable level after each call. This worked perfectly until I moved this Polycom 501 from my business office to my home office. I now use it at my home office while the computer running the voIP system remains at the business office running the phones there and this 1 remote phone. I have no problem with any of the phones or the modifications I made to their Sip.cfg files in the business office connected locally to the computer there.


My only problem lies with the 1 remote phone and not having it reset the volume after every call, I think that because it is not in the main office on the local network it is NOT loading the Sip.cfg file I used for it before.


Does anyone know of a way or a fix or a solution that I can use so that I can get it to stay at the volume level i set it at without resetting after every call? Any help or ideas would be GREAT!


Thanks much


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That sounds to me like the provisioning does not work from home any more. Polycoms by default download a large firmware file in the beginning and if that should happen via TFTP, it will be a problem if you try this from home.


Actually, it would be interesting if the phone downloads any of the configurations file properly. Make sure that you select HTTP as the protocol and put the username and the password in the bootloader of the phone.


You can check the generated directory in the PBX filesystem later on what the PBX has generated for this device.

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