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press 1 to receive call back when the extension becomes available (bug?)


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Scenario: I was on my Snom 360 phone and someone tried to call my extension and it was busy so they got the prompt "press 1 to receive a call back when the extension becomes available".... when I hang up my phone I assume that person got a call and then my phone started ringing but it said I was calling myself... shouldn't the caller id information be the person that called in the first place? Just seemed really odd to not know what person is calling you when using this feature...

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Yea, kind of annoying. The problem is that the Caller-ID needs to be reversed on both sides of the call, because otherwise the one that you are calling back would have the same effect. However, if you get a call from "yourself" then you can know this is the PBX and it will not steal your time with some stupid questions.

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