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BLF lights not accurate

Gordon Sims

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Running Aastra 9133i, 9143i and 480i phones and having issues with BLF lights not showing correctly on phones. Currently running ver of PBXnSIP. Issue has been more persistant since the upgrade from 3.4. The only way we could get it to work before was to update the registration for the SIP. Once the config was grabbed at 4am it would reset the phone. Have tried working with the Phone manufacture on this issue, still no luck. BLF lights do work properly with Trixbox and other Asterisk's based PBX systems, but not this one.


Any Ideas?


Will be happy to do wireshark capture and send in, but need a good starting point.


Thanks in advance,



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What OS do you have? There was a fix for BLF recently (withourt knowing the datails), it might be worth an update. We still have the issue with the renewal of the subscription where the phone does not accept CSeq numbers going back after a PBX restart. The the BLF logic should be working fine regardless.

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