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Pac - no extension watch


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Pbxnsip Latest version / Pac logged on extension 12 (simultanious with Snom 320 phone)

Watch following accounts (on extension 12) gives a list of several extensions to watch.


The extension screen of the PAC though is empty ...


Am I missing something here ??


Best regards,


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for me i thought it was no going to show...then several minutes later it started to! ;-(


appears very slow.

WAC needs work from my experience. will be incredible when features work.


ps- i see i made a suggestion on this:


Indeed, it is a matter of patience. Stays however slow, also when something changes to the state of the extensions.

Outlook import is not working for me either.


So not very usefull at the time, but a very promising tool when it ever comes to maturity.

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