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Trunks going offline


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My trunks keep going offline. I check on my provider, and it says my CS410 is not connected.


I go check on Trunks, and it says in Status: "200 OK (Refresh interval 300 seconds)".


I have to manually change some parameters, and click on SAVE for the CS410 to re-connect.


Strangely I can only make outgoing calls (I think because of the proxy), but since the trunk is offline, all calls go unanswered.


This is happening with my two SIP providers (Sipgate and Callcentric), and the problems started when I upgraded from 3.x to 4.x


The problem kind of aliviated itself when I set a keep alive of 300 (which was not needed before), but it started happening again this week.


Any ideas?

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No firewall here. The CS410 has a private IP, but on my Cisco Router there's a 1:1 NAT, to route all traffic to the public address to the private address, like this:


ip nat inside source static


And the inbound ACL has a rule that permits all incoming/outgoing traffic:


permit ip any host


I'll try the '20' setting, but any other ideas? The problem never happened with 3.x

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Hmm. The Cisco ASA have SIP awareness, though I don't recall they would be instable (either work or don't but nothing in the middle). Any chance to use SNMP to monitor the PBX lets say every 10 seconds? See http://forum.pbxnsip.com/index.php?/forum/29-snmp/ on how to use SNMP with the PBX...


The other idea would be to set up a port mirroring for the port that goes to the CS410 and run a wireshark there, so that you can see if the incoming INVITE really makes it to the device or not. This would help locating where the problem is.

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It is really difficult to give good advise here. What we need at this point is a clear problem analysis. If you could set the Ethernet switch up for a port mirroring, then you could connect a PC to the mirror and run Wireshark on it for a while, collecting the evidence what is going on with the registration .Unfortunately, the CS410 in an embedded system with limited capacity (you could try to use tcpdump to fetch the registration traffic at the risk of a file system full error later; however if you make it you can transfer to a PC and then use Wireshark to look at it). Once you have a dump it will be relatively easy to see what the problem is; if you don't see it you can post a link to it and we can take a look at it.

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