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snom 870 hardware emulator?


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Beware: serious brainstorming to follow. May contain entirely ridicoulous ideas. ;-)


does anyone that knows a lot more about software development know how feasable it would be to make a snom 870 hardware emulator that the actual snom 870 firmware could run on?


It would be very interesting to have a full snom 870 as a softphone. With the touch interface it seems it would be somewhat natural choice as a softphone. Also, using hardware emulator it could be updated with phone firmware. Lync firmware also makes interesting package.


I see there are ARM devie emulators:



Skyeye seems like interesting option:



If someone can shoot this down as entirely not feasible I'll stop thinking about it.

Okay, just one last crazy idea for 2010. ;-)


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You mean someone has loaded snom fw on yealink?!

I think i need an url to wipe away my disbelief.




I will work on that, my previous voip appliance provider was stating that was what Yealink was using for their firmware with a different GUI. I hope she didn't make me out to be a false information giver :/

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