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Many trunks

Andrea Deltacom

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Hi, I have 13 trunks (same provider) with 1 ISDN Adapter. Today after a router reboot, they aren't go on anymore with 408 error timeout message. So after many tries, I disabled some of them, and then registering one by one. So this make them work.


What could be happened? A SIP provider problem (flood deny?) or a Snom ONE problem?


I'm using


Version: (Linux)

License: snomONE - 15


Happy New Year



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A router reboot sounds more like a problem with the router. Many NAT implementations have very small tables (e.g. 32 entries for NAT) and with 17 trunks you might have exchausted it. If you can, try to find out how many connections your router can handle at the same time and make sure this is far more than 17. You also need ports for RTP, DNS, and if you have other PC clients on the router, a lot more ports for all kinds of services.

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