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SnomONE Blue 821 auto provisioning problem


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Having problems getting Snom 8xx series phones to Auto-Provision on my SnomONE Blue and SnomONE free version. Both Windows and Linux versions having the same problem.


Seems like the base files are not being created in /generated folder. Not able to determin where in the directory is located the Snom 8XX base configuration files. Snom 3xx phones seem to work fine.


There was some information I saw that said I could create a custom folder where custom files can be put to set some custom options on the base configuration files. I don't see the 3xx version files as well but the phone gets it configureation fine and the files are created in the /generated directory after the phone requests its configuration. Not so on 8xx phones.


Any ideas or work arounds will be appreaciated as this will delay cutover this weekend if we don't get it working.

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