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LD and International Calling CODE


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We would like to create a simple but affective Dial plan that adds a 3 or 4 digit code of our choice that will get stripped out and the remaining and valid digits are sent.


preceding all calls with 55532 011529981932010

pattern to Match 55532* the replacement string would next to be a regix expresssion to strip 55532

How might that look, played with some online regex testers but my head is sore from beating it against the wall..

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You can do this only if you are not using country codes. Otherwise consider using prefixes that correspond to real countries.


If you dont use a country code, then it should be pretty simple. Pattern "55532*", replacement nothing or something like "01152*".



I'm confusing myself with your suggestion,

When you said "not using country codes" are you referring to the field where we would enter our Country code?

When you say use a prefix that corresponds to real codes, I assume you mean we create a MATRIX of CODES vs. REAL dialing necessary to reach a given country.


I was hoping a REGEX expression could be create that would match the first 5 digits, and if a match was correct then drop these digits and dial the remaining digits.


MATCH 5 DIGITS and then SEND from the 6th position and remaining digits.


Your thoughts appreciated.

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The point is that the PBX puts the number into the format of the country before passing it to the dial plan. The country code is set in the domain settings. For example, if you set the country code to "1" and the user dials 19787462777@domain, then the PBX will present 9787462777@domain to the dial plan. Another example to make it more clear: LEts say the country code is "33" and the area code is "7" and the user dials 00331234@domain, then the PBX will present 01234@domain to the dial plan. This example should make clear that the user has many ways to dial the same number and it is difficult to deal with all of them in the dial plan.


Essentially there are two systems in the world, the US-centric system with ten digits and the rest-of-the-planet system with 00 and 0 prefixes. The domain has to be in either of the system. Or in no system at all, that's when there is no country code set for the domain.

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