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Version 4.2 Inter-Domain Calling Thru SIP PRI GWY


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I'm running a server with multiple domains and I use a PRI Gateway to route calls to/from the PSTN. With version 3.4 I could call from one domain to the other by sending the call to the PSTN and getting it back through the PRI Gateway. When I upgrade to version 4.2, I can get a call from domain A to domain B in the same manner. However, when I call from B back to A, PBXnSIP challenges the INVITE from the PRI Gateway with a 401 "Authentication Required". I've checked all domain settings and they match on both. The Trunk that faces the PRI Gateway is a Global Trunk used by both domains.


What has changed between 3.4 and 4.2 that would cause this call scenario to stop working?

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There was a post how the PBX identifies the trunk (http://forum.pbxnsip.com/index.php?/topic/4034-inbound-calls/), if you have several trunks check if maybe another trunk matches with a higher precedence.


In version 4, we introduces the explicit inbound IP address list in the trunk (at the bottom), this might help to tell the PBX directly where it can expect traffic from. That might solve the problem without extensive research.

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