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Language choice

Marc-Andre Dufault

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Just got a request from my customer,


is there a way to have the caller who hit the mailbox, to be able to select the language of the instruction's.


Exemple: if the caller want's instructions in english he press 1, in french he press 2.


Not sure if i am clear enough.



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okay, I did some testing. (i was wanting to know how languagues work myself ;-)


It seems like in a multi-languague senario you need to:

#1-download and install all languages you need.

#2-if you have only a 2 launguage senario

#3-in the autoattendent define the 2nd language needed

#4-in the same autoattendent under "Direct Destinations" select "Announce 2nd Language" from the drop down list.




if you use the preset "direct destinations" announcements the autoattendent will be translated entirely automatically. It works VERY slick.


Works VERY slick.

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