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Monitoring extension (on phone) can't pickup call

Alex Sergeev

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Sorry for my English.


We have a problem with provisioning Button type "Monitoring extension (on phone)" on function keys.

The experiment itself:

• An extension 2067 (Snom 300 IP makes a call to an extension 2139 (Snom 320 IP

• Extension 2139 is not responding.

• At this time, the extension 2084 (Snom 320 IP, who programmed the seventh function key “Monitoring extension (on phone)” with parameter 2139, noted that the seventh key blinks, and tries to pickup a call by pressing 7.

• On phone display caller 2084 shows: * 60122. Caller 2067 loses call, hearing the busy tone. Call to the number in 2139 continues to go on the screen still displays the caller's name in 2067 and in response to this call to connect subscribers in 2084 and 2139 (I would like to 2084 to 2067).


For extension 2084 set Watch the calls of the following extensions and Watch the presence of the following extensions with parameters 2139.

For Extension 2139 set Dialog Permissions with parameters 2084.


PBXnSIP v. Caller phones - Snoms 320 v.8.4.18.


Please help.


P.S. If necessary, I can provide cap-files from phones and PBXnSIP.

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Did you try the BLF key instead of "Monitoring extension..."?


If it is a version compatibility issue, please backup everything and update the PBX to one of the newer versions


Win32 (update only) - http://pbxnsip.com/download/pbxnsip/win32/pbxctrl-

Centos 32 (update only) - http://pbxnsip.com/download/pbxnsip/centos32/pbxctrl-centos5-

Debian (update only) - http://pbxnsip.com/download/pbxnsip/debian/pbxctrl-debian4.0-

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