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The click to dial URL http://pbx/remote_call.htm?user=123&dest=123456789 works well for registered users as we can put in the username /password when it asks.


I have unregistered users behind the gateway so I have to initiate call using the dial plan for these users. For normal call its ok ,but for click to dial there is no username /password (not registered) . Is there a way where the pbxnsip does not ask for username /password and make use of the dila plan to call the user for click to call.

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My customers requirement is for users behind a SIP GATEWAY like PABX extensions. They are not registered as the gateway can only register a certain amount of extensions.

As such to call the extension we need to use the dial plan.


Below are my thoughts can it be done or there is a better way out. but it all depends how easy or difficult to develop the solution.


One way is the remote call function be modified to call unregisterd users behind gateways using the dial plan .


Another is to register just the gateway and put a range of extensions to it. In this way PBXNSIP will know that this users are behind say Gateway1 and send the call there.

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Try using the parameter "src" in the URL (same as "dest", but for the other side of the call). Then you can define both source and destination of the call. The acconut that you provide will be charged for that call.




Should the url be like this http://pbx/remote_call.htm?user=6123@ip of gateway&src=6123@ip of pbx&dest=123456789

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