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MWI never stops on


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Hi all,


I'm having some difficulty with the new message waiting indications on We are using Snom 370, Snom 320, and Snom 870, all on firmware 8.4.18 (latest stable).


The MWI comes on when the phone receives first notification of a waiting message, but after checking and deleting voicemails, the message count on the phone never drops and the MWI light continues to illuminate or blink (depending on phone).


Any ideas?




Jason Porter

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How are you deleting the message?



In the voicemail system, 7 to delete after listening to a message.


The message counts drop to zero on the PBX, and the message counts change correctly in the Accounts list view, but the PBX doesn't seem to be updating the phone with the new data.

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Very odd... this was persisting even after phone reboots on Friday, but now today I experimented by leaving test messages from an internal phone, and it seems that leaving a message to a mailbox from another internal extension, and then retrieving and deleting the test message from the user's phone, works to "unstick" whatever was causing the system not to update the MWI data on the phone.


This was not working on voicemail left by external callers, causing the "phantom" message counts, but now that it's unstuck, it seems to be working correctly for both external and internal calls. Leaving an "internal" voicemail seems to have straightened it out, for some reason.


I'll experiment further to see if this is related to messages left by Hunt Group overflow (which is most of our VM from external callers), or if it was just a temporary glitch.

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I'm seeing something similar, after leaving 1 new voicemail the MWI blinks. After listening it still blinks and the new count is still 1. If I delete the new mail the MWI turns off and the new count is 0 which is correct. This happens on snom 300 and 360. An 820 behave as normally. Any ideas?



This is not a bug....if you listen to the message and then just hangup the phone the mwi will still blink....after you listen to the message you have to take an action - press 7 to delete or press 9 to save....if you press 9 to save you will see the mwi stop blinking.

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