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Dial Plan CMC Codes


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I'm trying to setup CMC codes within a dialplan to secure premium rate and international number dialing, however when dialling these numbers, I either receive the message "Please enter your identification number" or "Please enter your access code" over and over again even after typing the code - it would seem that the PBX isn't recognising this.


In the dial plan either "C" or "P" is selected.

Billing Settings / CMC authentication for outbound calls is set to 4 digits.

Under the domain address book, the extension number is listed along with a CMC code.


Have I missed something, does this need to be set elsewhere or should the above configuration work?





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OK, I've tried it with 4 & 6 digit codes, and "terminate CMC with #", none of which work, the message just keeps getting replayed over and over again.


Version: 2011- (Win64)

Under Domain Settings I now have CMC authentication for outbound calls set to 6 digits.

Under Domain Address Book I have an entry set with the extension I'm calling from as the number, and a 6 digit CMC code.


Am I correct that the system tries to match the CMC code with the one listed in the address book?


Calling from the same extension I've created the CMC code and address book entry for, I just keep getting asked for the access code, over and over even after I've entered it. The auto attendant, alarm clock, call park etc works from this extension, but not the CMC code....


any further advice? is there anything I can check in the config file?



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When selecting fixed length CMC codes, the PBX does not check the address book. It just takes the codes and stores them. But thats probably not the point here.


I guess the problem is that the call is not connected yet and the device that you are using does not send DTMF during the "early media" phase.

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Not 100 % sure. The problem with the DECT device is that before the connect timestamp the device probably believes that the user is entering the destination number (DTMF is used both for dialling the number and for sending tones once the call is established). But "in theory" the snom m9 should also send DTMF when the call is not connected yet and if not, then thats a bug that must be fixed. Do you have another device that you can try for the sake of clarifying that the early media is the problem?

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