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duplicate missed call indication - for hunt group - one with external and one internal


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Hi, I have another issue needs help.

I have setup hunt group with 2 stage calling. extension 20 is among extensions in the first stage, and it is also the final destination (for cell phone call out).

When the call (from external) is not picked up, the phone (snom 821) would display 2 calls missed.

one with phone#@xx.xx.xx.xx the external IP of callcentric -- for the initial hunt I believe.

one with phone#@mypbx.company.com -- for the final destination


so, it seems like the snomone has changed the final stage forking to use the domain, instead of the original header from SIP invite, resulting 2 missed call indications.


what should I do (or change setup) to resolve this?

thank you

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Well, from the PBX this is kind of right. The first three stages are seen together from the hunt group perspective. The final stage is more like a call redirection stage. So first the phone misses the call from the hunt group and then later is misses the call from the redirection service... It is not so easy to solve, essentially we need to check if the missed call has the same Call-ID then ignore double entries...

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I understand they are 2 calls. But if the 2nd call maintains the same @address (the external callcentric ip), would the phone still think it missed 2 calls instead of one?


The reason I put the extension number in the final destination field, instead of the cellphone# directly, is that I can not set the pbx to listen for a key press to connect the call (otherwise it would go into cellphone voicemail). Also, the ring duration can not be controlled any more.


Maybe I am doing it wrong? Any suggestions you have on how to deal with this?


thank you

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