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Sending calls with witheld numbers into Exchange 2010 UM

Richard May

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I have integrated my SnomOne with Exchange 2010 UM.


As long as the incoming call has a CLI number available, it is correctly routed to the Exchange 2010 UM to record a voicemail.


If the number is witheld, the voicemail reverts to SnomOne voicemail.


Does anyone know how to fix this?





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I dont see what that would keep the PBX from sending the call to Exchange. Can you check if the PBX tries to send the call to Exchange (SIP messages between the PBX and Exchange)?


Yes, it tries and fails.


There was an error in my original post, the problem only relates to calls (with withheld numbers) that are routed in from my SIP provider (VoIPTalk) calls from PSTN (via a Patton gateway) work fine even if from withheld numbers.



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