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PBXnSIP 3.40 to snom one blue


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We are currently using PBXnSIP v3.40 but have been offered a snom blue license at a good price, currently all of our agents use x-lite. I have notices that on the snom one product page it does say support for 40 softphones. Is this just the M9 or will it also support x-lite. I really do not like the M9 softphone and we can't afford to buy a whole load of snom hardware phones, so my question is will x-lite still work as I have heard you can only use snom phones with snom one.





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When you switch from pbxnsip to snom ONE there will be some changes:


-Blue will allow up to 40 non-snom devices to register. (snom ONE looks at the user-agent string in SIP and if it doesn't contain "snom" it will limit it to 5 in snom ONE Free, 10 in Yellow and 40 in Blue respectively)


-Note that I used the word "allow" instead of "supported". This was intentional as you will need to do the interop testing yourself. Which usually is not a big hurdle for basic functionality.


-Remember that these allowed non snom devices will have a limitation that they will not support a SIP REFER. In the real world this means that, for one, the Transfer button on software and hard phone will likely not work. This is not the end of the world though as with snom ONE you can put the call on hold and use the built in star code to transfer as a work around.


-Also note that snom ONE Blue only allow 5 domains (tenants) is not meant (licensing/eula) for reselling hosted service to other customers. I'm not sure how this is enforced and I suppose it can get grey? if a company owns a building and rents to tenants.


-snom ONE blue does not auto-provision brands other than snom handsets.


Actually moving from pbxnsip to snom ONE is a bit of a consultative conversation to best answer your question but this is good items to start.

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