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XML returned for "call list"


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First, I'd like to say that the available API/developer hooks (and us finally understanding how to use them!! ;-) really allows us to finally integrate snom ONE into other PC systems. This will make the value of snom ONE go upexponentially!


We are writing a client to monitor active calls.

Had some questions about XML returned to the "/ajax.htm?action=call_list&domain=localhost&token=whatever" request.


#1-It appears there is not a way to tell if a call is internal or external except by looking if the "trunk" object is missing/present.(ie=<Trunk>Patton PSTN Trunk</Trunk>) Would it be more developer freindly to expose a object "CallType" and tell them explicitly if it is an external or internal call?


#2-another thought: instead of requiring the developer to parse out extensions, etc wouldn't it be easy to add some fields: FromNumber, ToNumber, toFinalNumber... ?


If there is anymore documentation on integrating to snom ONE I'd like to hear about it. so far we are just hacking around to find stuff. But this info presented in an organized way would surely benefit the snom ONE community.

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