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Manual Provisioning - no access to set web page


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I'm going for the dumbest question ever.


I have a customer that asked me to setup Snom One free for his small office. I've got it working, but after following the manual provisioning in the wiki, I can no longer log into the set's web page. And I can't figure out how to use the WAC.

So, what portion of the account's page in Snom One would be used to log into the set after provisioning? I tried account number/ web password and other things, but with the lockout feature it gets frustrating to just pound keys.

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Well that feature was put in so that Joe Doe user cannot log into the web interface of the phone and screw things up (and then call you)... Anyway, you should have set a password after the installation; however if you have file system access there is a trick you can get that password: cd into the worknig directory of the PBX then into the domains dir. Look at the XML file, it contains teh password for the provisioning.


Same for extensions. But there you can click on "send welcome message" in the PBX web interface to send the user an email with the password.


Default passwords are not a solution, as they are not a secret (thanks to the-search-engine-of-your-choice). Thats why the PBX creates pretty random passwords during the first boot up.

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