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Transfer to Mailbox with different greetings possible?

Great Office - Hummig KG

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I would like to have different greetings depending on the current call (Transfer to Mailbox because extension was busy / Transfer to Mailbox because no answer / Transfer to Mailbox manually / Transfer to Mailbox because DND).


Is it either possible to set up more mailboxes, but collect all recordings to ONE mailbox, so it isn't necessary to collect recordings from different mailboxes?

Or is it possible to transfer the call to the mailbox in such a way the greeting is selected by transferring to special destination (e. g. Mailbox extension is 123, transferring the call to 123*1 plays Greeting #1, transferring the call to 123*2 plays Greeting #2 and so on)?


Currently the call is redirected on busy / no answer / manually to one and the same mailbox extension 123. But the caller really doesn't know why he reaches the mailbox. The greeting can only be universal "You have reached the mailbox because either the person is busy, not at his/her desk or in a meeting". Not very good.

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