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For 13 extensions that should be sufficient. Be careful with the IP addresses - one is enough, make sure the other four are not giving you unneccessary problems.


For good user experience on audio, see http://www.pbxnsip.com/download/qos.ppt.


thanks for the reply. I posted this question to our service provider on chat session please review this log and let me know if ok -


Customer: i have one question: does your router to this server ensures qos , possible a SBC?

Thomas S: No it does not do QOS


Customer: what do you have that does?


Thomas S: I don't think any dedicated server company in the world has a standard server for the cheapest price with QOS to a specific provider. QOS is very expensive hardware to provide.


Thomas S: But we don't have any server with QOS


Thomas S: But in a rack we can provide QOS hardware


Customer: ok thanks


Thomas S: But without QOS our routers are very fast

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Well, well...


QoS could be reasonable with layer 3 tags. But he is right, practically nobody is doing that today. That's what the PPT speaks about having a 2nd DSL line and use that one only for VoIP - QoS by having physically seperated lines. Seems the router industry still has a long way to go. Until then, pragmatic solutions will make it happen!

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