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Asterisk as Gateway

Andrea Deltacom

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I'm trying to communicate a snom one installation with Asterisk. I have in the same machine, snom one with sip 5060, and asterisk with sip 5090. I configured in snom one a Sip Gateway with ip address and this seems ok. In Asterisk I configured an ISDN TE BRI pci card, there is 2 problem:


1. the incoming call, ring in Asterisk but don't go in Snom One extensions

2. the outgoing call, go in Asterisk but don't use idsn trunk


Can you help me?

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From the PBX perspective, Asterisk acts as a PSTN gateway just like many other gateways. The only different is that the IP address is I would specify not only the proxy address, but also list the as the inbound address. Then the PBX will know that the call came from the trunk. For inbound calls, the default destination is in the request-URI (first line of the SIP packet); you can either let Asterisk do the magic of extracting the extension number out of the number or the PBX (e.g. use something like "!0049401234([0-9]*)!\1! 40" to get the digits after the shown number or use the default 40 as the extension).


Asterisk is very flexible with the presentation of headers. I would recomment to use RFC3325 (P-Asserted-Identity) for the network number and the number in the From header as the display number for outbound calls.

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