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Confirmation of certain funtions


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since Snom phone can handle multiple incoming calls, when a phone is a member of a hunt group, does the hunt group know not to ring the phone where a member of the hunt group is already on a call? We have added CALL WAITING ALERTING to all phones to see if they get beeps.


The owner of a business really hates VOICE MAIL, "REALLY", so we have crafted a hunt group with dual ring stages, to them go to an attendant and the client can choose to leave a message, or then we ring a different agent group. Should calls fall into the Bailout voice mail box the owner knows and becomes upset.


The users within these groups say they watch the phones like a HAWK. So when a call comes missed, I think we can see a missed call in the actual snom phone logs.


This is all somewhat confusing, but is there a setting on a SNOM phone to only allow 1 incoming call that Snomone will support too?


Any input appreciated.

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The hunt group is pretty dumb. It does not care if the phone is already engaged in something else, it just rings it.


I would suggest for more complex scenarios to use the agent group. There you have a lot more control about the annoucements, and you can make sure that there is one call at a time on a given agent.

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