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G.729 Codec and version

shadow walker

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Hi, I'm new at this forum and I have a question about G.729 codec


The problem is this:

I have a licensed copy of pbxnsip - version

I trying to make a simple conversation between 2 UA (Eyebeam) that can use only g.729 codec - and I get an error message from the server as follow: Could not find matching codec in 0 8 2 3


Is there a way to update the codec support for the current version or do I need to buy a new one?

Is the new version of pbxnsip - version 2.1 support the g.729 codec?




Shadow walker.

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The trick in 2.1 is that the PBX can just relay the media without really looking into it. That makes it possible to treat a G729 packet just like any other RTP packet. The 2.1 PBX also sends INVITE or UPDATE after an attended transfer so that if both sides support the same codec the PBX will happily relay it through the system.

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