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Softphone (X-lite) can't register to pbxnsip

pbxnsip newb

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Does anyone have any issue registering X-lite softphone (version 3.0 build 41150) to pbxnsip (version (Win32))? My X-lite sofphone returns Registration Error 404 - Not Found when failed to register. X-lite connects and works ok when config to connect to proxy server/softswitch directly. Tried download a different softphone program and can't register to pbxnsip as well. I probably am missing something in the pbxnsip setup for this not to work? But I have set up another extension connecting to a Snom IP phone and it works fine. I am out of idea how to get this to work, does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

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Had a question though, why/how is this sensitive to domain name "localhost"?


Well, that was inspired by the Unix DNS entry for the host itself. Maybe it would have been better to choose a name like "any", "anyhost" or maybe "anydomain" or "whatever". But now it's too late to change something like that...

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