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Dial out over a different trunk using the button profiles


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I have a domain setup to use the button profiles to act as a key system instead of a pbx. In the Trunk "Main" I have lines co1 co2 co3. In trunk 2 "Second" I have lines bo1 bo2.

In 3.4-3.6 this does not work because the buttons don't care which one is pressed, but in 4.2 the button you press is the button the call goes out over.


If I assign the buttons to a profile of shared lines:

1 - shared line - co1

2 - shared line - co2

3 - shared line - co3

4 - shared line - bo1

5 - shared line - bo2


Calling out using button 4 through the Second trunk only gives me an Authentical Required error in the logs and a Not Found on the phone. I assume it is because the phones default dial plan and the call trying to go out over a different trunk is conflicting and not allowing it to proceed.


Is this done correctly but what I am trying to do is not a valid application? If not, is there a way to do this?


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