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Busy / single line?


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Hi All,


On the polycoms the default behaviour is to allow a second call to come into the phone, while the first one is proceeding. The user can then reject, ignore or take the call. Does anyone know if it's possible for the call either not to get sent to the phone, or for the phone to reject with a 486 busy message? I know on the snom's there's a setting for this, but I can't find anything in the polycom reference guide.





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This is not the same thing, but just in case it's useful: we wanted the phone to flash a notification of a second call without an audible beep. Model12 tried to turn the call waiting beep off but my fuzzy memory won't allow me to remember why it didn't work. He ended up changing the onDur to 5 for the Call_Waiting tone in polycom_sip.xml... rendering it so short that it's essentially inaudible.


<CALL_WAITING tone.chord.callProg.6.freq.1="440" tone.chord.callProg.6.level.1="-19" tone.chord.callProg.6.onDur="5" tone.chord.callProg.6.offDur="0" tone.chord.callProg.6.repeat="1"/>

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