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Changing Intercom Intro Sound


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We are using snomONE in a school as a pilot. I've had the request to change the sound the phones produce when someone intercoms their phone. Since this is in a classroom, it can be rather loud and it would be nice if it could be changed to something more attention grabbing. Any ideas? I found sounds in the audio_mohs folder, but that didn't seem to contain the file I might want to change. Thanks for you help in advance!

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If you are talking about the "beep" sound that is heard at the beginning of the intercom, then that is played by the phone itself (not from PBX).


Ok - that makes sense. We are using Snom 300's and 821's. Is there a way to specify a different tone on these phones?

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Guest madigan

Since the beep for intercom announcement is hard coded on the phones, the desired behaviour can only be achieved by a modification of the PBX.


You need to change the ringtones.xml in snomONE (-> Webinterface -> Domain -> Admin -> Webpage Control -> Select "ringtones.xml")


Replace the default intercom section with this snippet:


<tone name="intercom" type="intercom">
   <vendor><http://[your server/link to wav file]>;info=alert-autoanswer;delay=2</vendor>


Depending on how long your intercom intro sound is supposed to be played, you need to configure the delay (it's two seconds in the example)


Make sure the wav file meets the requirements for custom ring tones that can be used with snom phones.


Alert Info playback needs to be enabled on the phone receiving the intercom call.


Disable the Auto Answer Indication to prevent the phone to play the internal beep.

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