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UM Voicemail destination

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Having some problems configuring Exchange SP1 UM with the latest SNOM One PBX.


I'm not sure if this is an Exchange issue or a SNOM One so apologies in advance if this turns out to be the wrong place to post.


For some reason, Exchange does not seem to be recognising the target extension number when a caller is diverted to voicemail. Instead of getting the "you've reached the mailbox of ...." message, they get the generic autoattendant ("To access your mailbox, enter your extension, to contact someone, press #"


What's odd, when I call voicemail from the extension, it works as expected - it knows who I am and prompts for the pin to access messages. It only seems to be an issue for external callers.


I'm kinda stuck right now so any pointers where to look would be greatly appreciated.




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I'd followed the setup procedure in the manual which is essentially the same as that link I think. No luck!


I've done a bit more digging around on Exchange though and noticed these event logs:


A call was received with the following parameters:

Calling Party: "sip:xxxxx@pbx.x.co.uk;user=phone",

Called Party: "sip:740@pbx.x.co.uk;user=phone",

Diversion Information: "",

Referred-By Header: "",

Call ID "ba7f2aaa@pbx".


followed by:


The Unified Messaging server has received a call from "xxxxx", with user extension "" and a call ID of "ba7f2aaa@pbx".


The users extension in Exchange is 740 so it looks like the issue is that exchange is not recognising the extension from the call info passed.


Not sure if it's related, but I tracked down this post: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/exchangesvrunifiedmessaging/thread/b4aa0e7b-ac34-42bf-b303-0d618203bed3/ which implies that the way Exchange 2010 processes the SIP headers to determine the extension is different from Exchange 2007.


Has anyone got this working with Exchange 2010 or is it just busted?

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Hi Kenny,


I tested this with Exchange Server 2010 and it did work. Can you post the snom ONE log or PM it to me?


To get the log with maximum devug level:


- go to Admin -> Settings -> Logging

- set "Log Level" to 9 and "Log Length" to 500

- enable all logs except for "Analyze audio levels"

- also set the following logs to to Yes: "Log REGISTER", "Log SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY", "Log other messages", "Log call messages"

- press "Save"

- go to Status -> Logfile and press 'Clear'

- make the call, then press 'Reload', copy the log and attach it here or send it to me

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