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Hello there,


I am having trouble with media on one of providers for incoming DID's.


The provider engineers believe they pin pointed the issue to this line in the handshake.


I did find it in my logs as well -


a=rtcp-xr:rcvr-rtt=all voip-metrics


anyone have any insight on what this is and how I can change it......

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Please use http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=RTCP-XR to turn of RTCP-XR reporting on the PBX. That should take care of the issue with the provider.


Thank you so much,


I will look into it. Any way to see what they are set to now so I can revert back if necessary? And is the only option a global change any way to do it on the trunk level.

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Hi again,


I made the change and took a back up of the original XML file. IT WORKED!!!


I am still concerned about my other providers because they worked fine till now.


So the only question I have left can this be done on the trunk level and not on the Global level.


Thanks again!!!!!

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